In today's world it's become incredibly difficult to produce new work and have a platform for such work. While most of our support has come from our own pockets thus far, our mission is to develop What We Look Like and put it on stage for audiences to witness. We feel the message is universal and we spend hours every day working steadily to realize this dream. What's more, we cannot continue to develop the play without you. 

Support isn't always financial. While monetary support is appreciated we encourage all forms of support. Come to one of our readings. Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Send us love letters if you feel so inclined- we might even send one back! The point is giving isn't only limited to dollars of donations and we truly, 100% encourage any and all who feel the play speaks to you to support us on our journey. 

Although we are in the beginning stages of our development with What We Look Like we are seeing great progress and immense support from friends, theatre lovers and industry professionals. While we continue to work on the project we've encountered individuals who simply want to donate or support us on our journey. If you'd like to support us please contact us.